Eat. Dance. Admire. [Aboretum Festival; Ticket Giveaway]

There used to be a time when finding something to do on weekends in Ottawa was damned near impossible unless you wanted to spend the night shot-gunning cans of Budweiser at [enter generic pub name here]. And believe me, I chugged my share of budweiser. But lately I’ve been finding myself in a panic over which events to attend on any given weekend – there is actually a choice these days!


The arts scene in Ottawa has been growing steadily over the past few years, and never has our community been so jam-packed with creative talent. Unique and unconventional musicians playing what they love – not what they think you’ll love, passionate chefs and restaurateurs who want to break the pub mould and bring innovative ideas to the capital, artists creating work that’s provocative, stimulating and inspired – these are the people that Ottawa houses. The type of people that shake up the landscape of a city with their avant-garde ideas. But ideas are only half the battle – it takes a mountain of effort, heart and passion to create events that showcase these wonderful, local talents (and maybe a few from out of town… but who’s counting?)

When Rolf Klausner, a name you may recognize from highly-acclaimed local band The Acorn, and his team first thought of Arboretum Festival, their goal was to create an event that brought the arts together. The best food, musical talent and art Ottawa has on offer. An amassment of talent  sure to bring even the most secluded of home-bodies (aka: me) out to eat, drink, dance, bask and enjoy. And with a line up of restaurants (Whalesbone! Murray Street! Edgar/Odile! Kichessippi! Pascales All Natural!), musicians (Ohbijou! Sandro Perri! Cadence Weapon! JOTS!) and artists (Ann Le! Christopher Payne! Theo Pelmus!) like this, why would you want to stay home anyways?! Because you can’t find a babysitter? Kids 10 and under get in FREE! Don’t have enough money? $25 entry fee is very little for this much awesome! Can’t get there? It’s right near the Ottawa University transit system! So… I guess you’re all out of excuses now, aren’t you? I will be there – dancing while cramming a plate of whatever-you-got down my throat and washing it down with ice cold Kichesippi. Doesn’t that sound great? Wouldn’t you like to join me?  Well, lucky for you Rolf is not only talented, but a very generous man. He’s given me two tickets to give away – TO YOU! Can you imagine?


Here’s how you could get’em:

1. Go to and peek around the website a little. 
2. Come back here and tell me what you’re most looking forward to seeing/eating/drinking at the festival in the comments section. That’s it!


3.  You can also “Like” Arboretum on facebook & follow them on twitter for extra entries. Tell me in separate comments (one for FB, one for Twitter) once you’ve done that (I’ll check – don’t you try to swing a fast one on ol’ Kelly).

That’s it! See? So easy. Good luck to all who enter! Winner will be chosen at random on Friday morning.

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